Westar Associates is proud to announce their donation to the Monrovia Police Explorer Program, an innovative initiative aimed at inspiring and educating young individuals interested in law enforcement careers.

The Monrovia Police Explorer Program is committed to experiential learning. The program gives youths aged 14-20 the opportunity to go on ride-alongs with seasoned police officers, engage with their communities by contributing to city events, receive training in a variety of law enforcement topics and positions, and travel to compete in national, state, and local explorer competitions.

By investing in the education and practical experiences of aspiring officers, Westar Associates reinforces its commitment to fostering strong relationships between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve.

For more information on the Monrovia Explorers Program, please visit: https://www.cityofmonrovia.org/your-government/police-department/about-us/join-our-team/explorer-interest-form