| Long Beach Fire Department Training at Bixby Village Plaza |

Long Beach, CA (10/20/23) –The Long Beach Fire Department, in collaboration with Westar Associates, successfully conducted training exercises from October 7th to October 11th, 2023. The five days of training took place at the vacant CVS building at Bixby Village Plaza, which was slated for demolition.

The primary objective of theses training exercises was to utilize the vacant property in its existing state to facilitate specialized training in “vertical ventilation operations,” “forcible entry,” and “hose lay operations.” These critical skills are essential for firefighters to effectively respond to and manage emergency situations. “Vertical ventilation operations” involve removing roofing materials and sheeting, leaving only structural members. This operation is performed during fires to alleviate heat and smoke, making it safer for both firefighters and potential victims. “Forcible entry” pertains to the tactical removal of interior doors, a crucial skill when gaining access to a structure during emergency responses. “Hose lay operations” involve deploying hose lines for simulated firefighting scenarios, which are fundamental for controlling and extinguishing fires.

Throughout the course of these five days, fire crews from the Long Beach Fire Department undertook these various training exercises to hone their skills. The comprehensive nature of this training ensures that the firefighters are well-prepared for real-life emergencies, ultimately enhancing the safety and well-being of the Long Beach community.

Westar Associates was proud to support the Long Beach Fire Department in their training efforts. The collaborative partnership between Westar Associates and the Fire Department showcases a commitment to community safety and ensuring their vacant building served a valuable purpose before its scheduled demolition.